Freitag, 20. Februar 2009

02/15 - 02/20/2009

I'm such a bad blogger! The hole week were really busy!
But I have a few great photo for you!

Today Julia celebrate carnival at the Kindergarden. She was a 'hawaiian girl'. I painted her face 1/2 hour :-)! She wanted to have a palm, a sun and the ocean.

Last night it was girls night! In Germany we call it 'Weiberfasnet' ( I found some of that at Wiki). We were in a few bars and we have really fun! We all wear the same T-Shirt.

We have lots of snow! I told you that I wanna have spring :-)! This is Mexx in action!

Then we painted Julia's room new, she got a new bed (my old children bed, made by my dad and Markus makes a princess bed of it, amazing! I'll show you photos if it's ready!).
And I wanna say thanks to Annie for the inspirations!!!

My little sweetie slept the hole week in our bed, because she hasn't one yet :-)!

Sunday we were on a parade and I was a devil, great hairs :-)
I have a full weekend, tomorrow we have a presentation from the Red Cross, we got a new First Responder Car and our mayor is honor us.
Sunday I work on a carnival parade.
Wish you all a great weekend!


  1. ganz tolle bilder. du hast das gesicht deiner maus klasse bemalt und ich find die teufelshaare genial! frohes feiern!

  2. fab photos and glad I'm not the only one who was a little behind :) Love the face painting, such a cute photo!

  3. sieht klasse aus wie du deine maus bemalt hast und auch die anderen bilder sehn klasse aus

  4. Love all the wonderful photos! I can't wait to see your room after you finish the paint and molding. :)

  5. Great series of photos, looks like all have had fun. Love the color of the new room and can't wait to see the bed.

  6. Nice memories captured in your pictures. It looks like everyone is having a lot of fun. Girls' night out sounds especially fun!

  7. wow das sind ja wieder super schöne Fotos! Tolle Fasnets-Einblicke besonders gefällt mir das Teufelchen mit den roten Haaren und Mexx in action!

  8. WTG, love all the photos and I hope you had a blast at the carnival parade!

  9. schade, dass du aufgehört hast. Hab deine Bilder immer so gerne gesehen.

    Oder machst du nur eine Online-Stell-Pause???